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    Spirituality Therapy

      Are You Constantly Searching For Happiness In Your Life?

      Do you feel alone or lost in your emotions? Do you sometimes feel like the people around you don’t value you or understand what you’re going through? Maybe you feel pressure to be someone other than yourself. Perhaps you’re struggling with life transitions, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, or other mental health struggles, and you just want to understand why you’re going through this pain. It may seem you have so much to be thankful for, so you feel guilty or confused about this persistent unhappiness or emptiness. Do you ever struggle to find meaning and purpose in your life?

      Perhaps you feel lost or uncertain in your spirituality—you were raised to follow a particular faith or tradition, and now you’re sorting out what resonates with you and what you must let go of. Or, maybe you identify as spiritual but not religious, and now you wonder what that means for you. You might wonder how spirituality and counseling fit together.

      Are you looking for a therapist who takes a holistic approach, honoring your mind, body, and spirit? Do you wish you could find the support and guidance you need to understand your unsettled feelings and search for peace through the lens of your spirituality?

      Navigating Life’s Turbulent Waters Can Be Difficult For Anyone Who Feels Lost Or Alone

      Life can really throw some unexpected things at us, and it can be hard to feel grounded, think clearly, and know how to navigate the obstacles. Or maybe the dust has settled and you can think, but then worrying and analyzing just leads you in circles. It can feel like your usual way of navigating no longer applies. Like so many others, you might feel lost or unsure in your relationships, your career, or even within yourself.

      As hard as it is when we’re going through it, at some point, we’ve all felt disconnected from our partner, people we love, the world around us, or what once felt like home. The times when we feel unsettled, unsure, or alone can also be the very times when we dig deep to draw from our spirituality. Some of us pray or light a candle. Others ask difficult questions, wanting certainty where none can be found.

      You might ask yourself, What is spirituality? Spirituality can have a great number of meanings to different people, but it always comes back to connection—being connected with your deepest truest self, and for some being connected with God, while also honoring your human need for love and belonging. Author and researcher Brené Brown says it well:

      “Spirituality is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to that power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion. Practicing spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning, and purpose to our lives.”

      three women holding sparklers in the air at duskSo when when we don’t feel closely connected with one another or with the universal energy that somehow connects us all, we can start to question our very identity and purpose. This can happen sometimes as we are also struggling with anxiety or depression.

      That sense of disconnection and uncertainty can stem from your past and how you were raised, as well as how you understand spirituality versus religion. Religion, unfortunately, has often become more about exclusion and disconnection, which is not true spirituality since love and compassion are sadly missing. If religion was a big part of your life growing up, you might feel uneasy or confused about what you believe now, making it that much more difficult to find peace in your life.

      Fortunately, I am a therapist who understands how spirituality can help you navigate life’s turbulent waters toward a place of calm. I can help guide you on your journey to discover a life full of vitality and joy.

      Spirituality Therapy Can Help You Heal And Find Your Purpose

      Lone backpacker walking in misty forest

      No matter where you are on your spiritual path, I am here for you to help you move toward a happier, more whole, and more balanced life. I am committed to walking alongside you to help guide your journey of spiritual and emotional healing.

      As a licensed clinical social worker and professional therapist, I can help you through your struggles of anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, or life transitions. In whatever way you experience spirituality—whether as culture, faith tradition, other beliefs or practices, or through no particular beliefs—I seek to bring awareness to your whole self as we work together around whatever brings you to therapy. Understanding what spirituality means to you can help me learn where you draw your strength—and where you don’t—so that I can better help you move forward.

      My approach is holistic. What does that mean? Holistic therapy seeks to bring awareness to the mind, the body, and the spirit, as they are wondrously interconnected. When we slow down and really check in with ourselves, we can learn what our bodies need and how we really feel, and we can discover what we truly long for in our lives. If there were no barriers, what would you really want your life to be about? What brings you deep joy? Is there something you feel called to do or be? We each have something unique to offer that no one else on the planet has. For some, spiritual practices can lead to a clearer sense of identity and purpose.

      Healing comes as we realize we are not broken or lacking. We all encounter obstacles in our lives that cause us pain and even wound us emotionally, whether as a young child, a teen, in adulthood, or often at multiple points in our journey.

      We experience healing when we find compassion for our pain, learning to let go and move through it. With help, you can let go of self-doubt and self-judgment. You can discover your wholeness and a life of joy and vitality. I can lead you, step by step, along the way.

      You May Have Some Questions Or Concerns About Spirituality Therapy…

      Is therapy really right for what I’m going through?

      Therapy can be useful for so many people with all sorts of different life experiences. Whether you are struggling with your mental health due to depression or anxiety, trying to navigate life’s difficulties (such as with your job, career, relationship, family, finances, health, etc.), or a combination of these, an experienced therapist can help you heal, get a fresh start, develop new skills, and grow stronger as you encounter those hardships we all face as human beings.

      Additionally, if you are struggling with your spirituality or faith, a therapist who can also offer a spiritual perspective can help amplify the effectiveness of your therapy sessions. However, I will always direct you to someone with more spiritual resources who can help you with your particular faith tradition, if you or I find it necessary or more helpful. I will do everything possible to find what is most useful for you and your spiritual healing.

      I don’t understand why I’m so unhappy. I have so much…

      It is so common to feel unhappy at some point in your life. As frustrating as it might be, struggle is part of life. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go through it alone.

      Many people find themselves blessed with so many things that they think should make them happy, but the lack of purpose or connection can lead to feeling alone or empty. Our natural  impulse is to avoid addressing unwanted emotions or uncertainties, only to repeat patterns which lead to more pain and confusion. Therapy can help you re-discover that fire in your soul and a sense of purpose for your life. I can help you reconnect with yourself so that you can begin living a more satisfying and joyful life.

      I’m not sure I want spirituality to be a part of therapy, but I’m also not sure that I don’t…

      It’s important to know that I will never judge your faith or beliefs or try to lead you on a specific spiritual path. I am here to help you discover what spirituality means to you—or, to simply help you find what is needed so you can have the life and relationships you were made for.

      As we get to know each other, you can decide whether you want spirituality to be a part of therapy. If you feel that it will help you heal emotionally, then we can incorporate it into our conversation. If you choose not to have spirituality play a part of counseling, that is also perfectly fine. I am here to support you in whatever way you need me to, and I will follow your lead.

      Spirituality Therapy Can Help You Feel More Fulfilled

      I understand how difficult it can be to feel strongly and positively connected to yourself and others, and to experience genuine love, compassion, and fulfillment in your life. That is why I want to help you begin taking steps right now toward having the life you long for and the peace and joy that is possible. If you are curious about having a therapist in Herndon, VA who welcomes your interest in spirituality, I invite you to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. You are welcome to call me at 571-306-2334 or send me a message.