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Christian Counseling

Are You Searching For A Therapist Who Understands And Relates To Your Faith?

Are you struggling and wishing you could talk to someone who could relate to you on a spiritual level? Would you like a Christian therapist’s perspective to help you see a way through your pain?

Perhaps you feel that, as a Christian, you should be able to trust God and feel at peace with yourself and the people closest to you; however in reality, you’re having a difficult time. It may be that you sense a loss of motivation, or that you’ve drifted away from yourself or your partner over days, months, or years, and you fear you’ve let yourself, the people you love, and God down in the process. Even as you try to pray and rely on God, do you feel stressed, worried, anxious, down, discouraged, hopeless, angry, or alone?

stone church by the lake, mountains in the backgroundDo you ever question your faith when you’re faced with painful life events or experiences? Do you find yourself asking, Where is God in all of this pain? How could God have allowed these things to happen? Maybe you feel guilty or regret things in your past and fear that God won’t forgive you. Or, perhaps you have doubts that seem to be weakening your faith, and sometimes you question whether God even exists. Maybe you were raised as a Christian, but now you’re not sure what you believe.

Or, maybe what you’re going through doesn’t cause you to doubt God or your beliefs. You want a therapist who understands that it is your faith you rely on, no matter what. You know God is there to provide what you need to get through, and you want a therapist who has experienced that in her own life.

Whatever the reasons behind your search for guidance and support, do you just wish you could find a sense of peace, belonging, and connection?

Navigating Your Mental Health And Relationship With God Can Be Hard

Nearly all of us deal with the daily struggles and pressures of life, from succeeding in school or at work, to being a parent, to maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships. Life’s challenges can feel even harder when you’re also struggling to understand things from a spiritual perspective.

Many of us grew up going to church or mass with our parents to learn about God and our faith. Your parents may have guided you toward a set of beliefs that you are now struggling to come to terms with. Faith is supposed to help you navigate the ups and downs of life, but sometimes things happen we aren’t prepared for. They raise questions in our minds that make us feel more lost than ever.

close up of marine compassRegardless of your age or life stage, like many others you might be struggling with an important relationship, maybe with a family member or a significant other. You may contend with feeling like a disappointment to the people around you, especially if you simply cannot stop focusing on your personal shortcomings. You might be struggling with financial issues, health problems, fertility or parenting issues, or even a sudden career change. On top of all your strain—and maybe because of it—you may feel lost or disconnected from God, which can make everything feel so much harder.

Fortunately, as an experienced Christian therapist, I am willing to come alongside you to support you in your faith journey, so you don’t have to navigate these unfamiliar and sometimes treacherous waters alone.

Christian Counseling Can Help You Find Clarity And Understanding

In my practice, I will never judge you for the pain or the struggles you are going through, or how you got there. I offer a welcoming and compassionate space where you can safely talk about your journey and your pain. I don’t evaluate you based on your past choices or where you are on your spiritual path, wherever that may be—doubts of all kinds are safe here with me.

You may be asking yourself, What is Christian Counseling? How is it different? I want to tell you how I work, as I do not have formal training as a pastoral counselor—you can read more about my background and training here.

Rays Into Italian Cathedral

I am willing to work together to help you identify the ways you experience God in your life, so you can discover or rediscover a sense of presence, joy, and love, and be able to access it more easily in the midst of difficult moments or life events.

I will never speak for God; I am here to help guide you and support you on your faith journey, and to provide professional psychological help with a Christian perspective. If you are asking me to provide anything beyond my training, I will gladly help you find a pastor, clergy member, or other type of professional who is qualified to provide what you are asking for.

In my clinical social work training, I was taught a “bio-psycho-social approach,” which means I will take into account your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, as well as your relationships and everything else that impacts you. As spiritual beings with powerful minds, we are “transformed” by the renewing of our minds, according to the Bible. I believe that the most significant change in therapy—which some might experience as healing or life transformation—happens when therapy integrates and impacts the mind, body, and spirit.

I want to help you move through the pain of whatever you are going through now, and help you connect with your best self, have the relationships you long for, and find the connection with God you are seeking. Christian Counseling with me can help lead you to the kind of change you need and the kind of life you desire.

You May Have Some Questions Or Concerns…

If I would just pray, read the Bible more, and get right with God, then my problems will probably get better…right?

Navigating your relationship with God can be a difficult journey, especially if you are feeling alone or overwhelmed with life or struggling with anxiety, depression, or life transitions. Many of us believe the lie that if we would just “try harder” in spiritual things, we would have fewer problems and our lives would go more smoothly. It’s just not that simple, unfortunately, nor is it true. Therapy can help you with that process of connecting with God and getting through hard times, especially if you have a therapist who understands both evidence-based counseling practices and spiritual practices. If you’re ready to have the life and relationships you were made for, I can help.

Do I really need Christian counseling? Maybe I should just go see my pastor…

In situations when you want counseling on strictly spiritual issues, such as Biblical interpretation or matters related to spiritual warfare, seeing your pastor or a member of the clergy would be recommended. On other matters related to mental health—such as depression, anxiety, difficult life transitions, grief and loss, relationship struggles, or pre-marital and marriage problems—however, professionals in your Christian community might not have adequate training or experience in evidence based clinical practices, or in understanding how to integrate these with spirituality. Having a therapist with advanced clinical training and experience treating mental health and relationship issues who can also work from a spiritual perspective can be extremely helpful in the counseling process.

Additionally, it can be awkward and confusing to seek counseling from a pastor. For instance, you may feel like going to your pastor for help, but the advice might be crossing a boundary that you’re not necessarily comfortable with. When your pastor is also your counselor, it creates a conflict for you and the pastor, which can feel confusing. I am an objective party who will always keep what you share in confidence. Throughout our work together, you can feel safe to talk about real frustrations and concerns. That said, I will always direct you to your pastor if I feel he or she can help in ways that I cannot.

I have so much to be thankful for and God has blessed me in so many ways… so why am I struggling?

You may feel like you “should” be able to get through hard situations without help from someone else. Yes, God has blessed you with so many wonderful things. However, that fact does not mean you are not a human who struggles with common life problems or mental health issues. No matter how many great things you may be blessed with in your life—good health, education, a stable job, supportive family, etc.—they won’t protect you from unforeseen life events, or from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, or alone in a relationship. I am committed to coming alongside you in your pain and walking with you through whatever you’re experiencing. I will help you get relief and navigate your spiritual journey so you can have the life and relationships you long for.

Christian Counseling Can Help You Find Peace

I understand how anxiety, depression, disconnected relationships, and life transitions can turn life upside down and make it difficult to get through the day, let alone have the abundant life and peace Jesus promises, which is why I am here to help support you through this. I invite you to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.

You are welcome to call me at 571-306-2334 or send me a message. I invite any questions you may have about working with a Christian therapist in Herndon, VA.