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      You can find relief from the pain of feeling alone and stuck—of not truly living the full life you were made for!

      We can find ourselves stuck—not living the lives we long for—in patterns of feeling on edge, down, or worthless. Maybe you feel like you’re not important to your partner anymore, or that almost nothing seems satisfying. Or maybe anxiety or depression has left you feeling trapped in thoughts and emotions—never completely present in your own life.

      I’m passionate about helping people break free from these stuck places. And if spirituality is important to you, I want to support you in discovering what role—if any—you want your faith, tradition, or practices to play in your healing and growth.


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      Depression Treatment

      Do you feel alone, sad, or worthless, dragged down by negative thinking or a loss of hope?

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      Anxiety Therapy

      Do you constantly feel on edge and overwhelmed?

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      Are you searching for joy and meaning in your life?

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      Life Transitions

      Do you feel like your life just took an unexpected turn?

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      I help people get relief, rediscover hope, and repair disconnection.

      When we feel disconnected from those around us, from our partners, or even from ourselves, life feels harder—we simply can’t find the energy, strength, or motivation to live up to our fullest potential.

      Maybe you feel like you are at a crossroads in your relationships. In whatever way you feel you’ve lost the connection you seek, I am here to help you uncover and heal whatever has created that distance.

      You might suddenly find yourself in an unexpected life situation, such as coping with loss or navigating transition. I am ready to join you exactly where you are on your journey. I can help you find the strength to live fully, and also help you get back on track toward a meaningful life.

      I am a seasoned therapist who takes a holistic approach—mind, body, spirit—in helping you get back on the path to living a life of connection, joy, and purpose, beginning today!

      To schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation, I invite you to call me at 571-306-2334 or send me a message.